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The Halfpenny Gate, Stonehouse

This is the song that used to be sung to the refrain of Chandler's Hymn "Conquering Kings" "We Three Kings" etc. etc.
It refers to the fact that the Halfpenny Gate at Stonehouse Bridge, which belonged to the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, charged sailors but not soldiers to go through.
Lordy Edgcumbe, Earl divine,
All the hakey-fish are thine;
All the fishes off Penlee
Lordy Edgcumbe belong to thee.
Lordy Edgcumbe, we are told
That you've bags and bags of gold;
So lift the toll, for this is true
What's much for us is nought to you.
Lordy Edgcumbe by the sea
'Tis us poor sailors keep you free;
So dowse the Toll and let us through,
P'raps Peter'll do the same for you.
Lordy Edgcumbe, noble Earl,
After Jack has met his girl,
with cash all gone and getting late,
What hope has he to pass the Gate?
Lordy Edgcumbe, up the hill,
'Tis a shame to treat us ill;
Marines and soldiers go through free,
Yet the sailor has to pay his fee.
Lordy Edgcumbe, good and great,
Open wide the Halpenny Gate,
For your credit and renown
Pull the bloody Toll Gate down.




































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