Win ScuttLooking Back on 2010

It was a busy year for Win as he took on a variety of new projects, and continued many of the old.

Up All Night, BBC Radio 5 Live

Win Scutt's "World Archaeology News", 15 minutes of the updates and discoveries from the past week, went out to over a million listeners on BBC Radio 5 Live every Tuesday morning throughout the year - over 350 news stories in over 12 hours!

The broadcasts are supported online by Win's website and a Google Map for the stories of 2010 where listeners can follow up the stories in more detail.

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Or they can follow him on Google Buzz or Twitter @archaeology_ws

The Plymouth Breakfast Show

Gordon Sparks presents the Plymouth Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Devon every weekday on 103.4FM. Win joined him every Wednesday at 08.45am, to share stories from Plymouth's local history. After 6 years of Local History at drivetime, Win sometimes worries that the stories will dry up "But, surprisingly, they never do. There's so much to tell!" says Win.

The Late Show, BBC in the South West

Win continued his weekly look at archaeology from 10.30 to 11.00pm every Monday evening on Vic Morgan's Late Show, broadcast on BBC Radio Devon, Radio Cornwall and the Channel Islands.

The Singing Archaeologist

After a listener suggested that Win came back the following week with his guitar to sing "Puff the Magic Dragon", Win found himself singing a children's song from "Family Favourites" every week. In November he enlisted the help of the brilliant local band "Out to Grass" who backed him up for the six weeks running up to Christmas. In response to requests from listeners, Win and "Out to Grass" recorded an album of children's songs as "The Singing Archaeologist". In 3 weeks, over 700 had been raised for the The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

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Overseas project team, Rotary District 1290

In January, Win was asked by the Overseas Project Team of Rotary District 1290 to present a short video about their work. Win is a member of Plympton Rotary Club, and is a former Youth Opportunities Officer for the District. The video was filmed and produced by Jenny Walrond.

Rotary District 1290 Overseas Project Team from Win Scutt on Vimeo.

CALL South West

Kirsty Pattison, a student at the University of Plymouth, who filmed and produced a film for the charity CALL South West, asked Win to perform the voice-over.

CALL South West: Communication Aids for Living and Learning from Win Scutt on Vimeo.

Shyampti Water Project, Nepal

In May, Win ran the Plymouth Half-Marathon to raise money for the Shyampti Water Project in Nepal. His generous sponsors contributed 250 to the project. The project is Rotary International Project.

Plymouth Gin to Cognac Cycle

In September, Win cycled with his colleague from City College Plymouth, Jeanne Milton, from Plymouth Gin to Cognac. Win raised over 300 in sponsorship for St Luke's Hospice in Plymouth.


Win continued to manage two Foundation Degree programmes at City College, one in Tourism, the other in Archaeological Practice. Because of UK government cuts to Higher Education, the College closed both courses in 2010 and Win left to set up a heritage advice practice.




Win runs the Plymouth Half-Marathon for a Water Scheme in Nepal


Win Scutt in the Plymouth Half-Marathon 2010



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