Asian Archaeology Websites


Far East

Asian Civilizations Museum

Photos of Archaeological Sites in Asia

East Asia WWW Virtual Library

Mesolithic Periods in Eastern and Southeast Asia

Burials and Fortresses of North Periphery of the Silk Road

International Dunhuang Project - Dunhuang and other Silk Road sites

China, Singapore, Mongolia


Center for the Study of Chinese Prehistory

The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China

Ancient Chinese Rice Archaeological Project

Ancient Culture of the Lower Yangtze River and Ancient Japan

Finds and Morphological Study of Carbonized Rice in the Jiahu Neolithic Site in Wuyang County, Henan Province

Goguryeo Tomb Paintings in China Stolen

Christian Designs Found in Tomb Stones of Eastern Han Dynasty

Bone flute found in China at 9,000-year-old Neolithic site

China's Boat-building Dates Back 7,500 Years

Chinese Experts Pitching in Rescuing World's Only 'Female Characters'

Ancient Carriages Unearthed in Central China

Largest-Ever Relic Pit Unearthed in Henan

Exploring Ancient Salt Production Sites in China

Earliest presence of humans in east Asia

Photos of Archaeology of China

Archaeological Treasures of Mongolia

The Joint Mongolian-Russian-American Archaeological Expeditions

American-Mongolian Team Finds Tombs Near Birthplace Of Genghis Khan

Ancient Jade Artifacts Found in Inner Mongolia

Teaching Chinese Archaeology

Prehistoric and Early China

A Study of the City Planning System of the Ancient Bohai State Using Satellite Photos

The Chu graves of Changsha

Early Homo Erectus Tools in China

Early iron in China, Korea, and Japan

Han Dynasty Ruins Unearthed in East China

Ancient script rewrites history

Southeast Asia

Ancient Sculpture of Southeast Asia

Remaking Myanmar and human origins

Origins of Angkor

Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia

Vietnam Prehistory

Splendid Dong Son

Photos of Angkor and the Khmer Civilization

Photos of Bagan

Photos of Archaeological Sites in South East Asia

The Ban Chiang Project

Early iron in China, Korea, and Japan

The University of Hawai'i Cambodia Project

Indigenous Cambodian Archaeology

The limits of pre-industrial, urban growth in Angkor

Virtual Museum of Cham Architecture, Vietnam

Spirit Cave, Thailand

Air SAR identifying archaeological structures in Thailand

Desaru ship, in the southeast of Johor in Peninsular Malaysia

Turiang: a 14th century Chinese shipwreck, upsetting Southeast Asian ceramic history

The Tanjung Simpang ship, off Tanjung Simpangmangayau, in the north of Sabah, Malaysia

Discovering Asia's ceramic development

Radar reveals the Kapilapura mound at Angkor Wat

Sman Teng, an outlying temple group at Angkor found by radar images

Angkor, Cambodia: SIR-C radar image

Satellite image of Angkor, the ancient Khmer ceremonial center

Angkor, Cambodia: Central Area

The Kingdom of Champa, Vietnam

Laos Keeps Its Urns -- Survivor of decades of war, the Plain of Jars retains its allure

Centre for Archeological Research Malaysia

Japan Archaeology

Sannai Maruyama

Sannai Maruyama: A New View of Prehistoric Japan

Japanese Archaeology

Kusado Sengen - Excavated Medieval Town in Japan

Fukui Cave in Japan

Excavation at Kaza-ana Cave 1997

Mogamigawa River Project

Fukui cave, on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan

The Paleolithic Period / Jomon Period

Jomon Japan

Early iron in China, Korea, and Japan

Japanese Archaeology, especially Japanese Prehistory-Jomon Period

Prehistoric Archaeology of Japan

Memory of Jomon Period - online book

Shiga excavation may be ancient Parliament

Settlements and Burials in the North Margins of Nomadic World - Ural and Western Siberia in the Bronze and Iron Age

Japanese Archaeology

Astronomy Among Ancient Tombs and Relics in Asuka, Japan

Kusado Sengen - Excavated Medieval Town in Japan

Cases of Fraud: Japanese Archaeology of Fujimura

IKIP International Kuril Island Project Archaeology, Paleoclimatology, Geology

Japanese Art and Archaeology

Japanese roots surprisingly shallow - Migrants from mainland planted new culture around 400 B.C.

Ancient Japan

Tokyo Archaeology Presence

Japan's Underwater Ruins

Eastern Russia and Siberia

Archaeology in Siberia

Archaeology of the Hsiung-nu in Russia

Rock Art in Russia Far East and Siberia

The Joint Mongolian-Russian-American Archaeological Expeditions

Mal'ta - Irkusk, Siberia

IKIP International Kuril Island Project Archaeology, Paleoclimatology, Geology

Early Hominids in Siberia?

DNA and the Peopling of Siberia

Western Siberia: Chicha

Scythian Gold From Siberia Said to Predate the Greeks

Baikal Archaeological Project

Scandinavia/Russia/Siberia Timeline 1: 25,000 BP to 1299 AD

Diggings at Burial and Cultural Sites in the Vicinity of the Saigatino Settlement

Results and perspective study of the mummified remains from the medieval necropolis near Salekhard

The first proto-urban settlement of early Scythian period in the Baraba steppe of Siberia PDF

Central Asia


Afghanistan Sites - Photographs

Prehistory and History of Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Museum Under Seige

Buddhist manuscripts from Afghanistan in The Schøyen Collection

Vanishing Afghan Treasures

Looting of Antiquities on the Rise - Afghanistan

Inscription throws new light to Hindu rule in

Kabul Museum

Kabul Meseum

Afghans Display Ancient Stone

'Miracle' of 2nd century bowl saved from Taliban

Gandhara Art

Khyber Pass

Ghor Province, Afghanistan

Another ancient civilization found

Afghan statues face destruction

A Visit to the Giant Buddhas

Indus Valley, India, Pakistan

Photos of Buddhist Archaeological Sites

Photos of Archaeological Sites of India & Pakistan

Itihaas: Ancient Indus Riddle

Locating Indus Civilization Pyrotechnological Craft Production

Archaeology in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Harrapa: The Indus Valley and the Raj in India and Pakistan

The Latest Discoveries: Harappa


Reconstructing Harappa


Harappa-Mohenjodaro Cultures


Banawali Mound - district Fatehbad or Fatehabad - Haryana - Archaeological Site

Harappan Cavilization

A Walk Around Harappa

Mohenjo Daro: Citadel Mound

The Origins of Agricultural Societies in South India

Gujarat and Indus Valley Civilization

Pune archaeologists hope the Saraswati will unlock mysteries of the past -- Were the Rig Vedic people Aryans or non-Aryans?

Row over mystery mummy - A mystery over an ancient mummy that has turned up in Pakistan has sparked an international row with Iran.

Archaeology in Pakistan

Pakistan: Shard Times

Pakistani sites not to be put on WHL: Archaeology dept fails to fulfil requirement

Takht-i Bahi : Ancient Buddhist Monastery in Pakistan

Rock Carvings and Inscriptions along the Indus - The Buddhist Tradition

Plunder in the Valley of the Buddhas

Pakistan rescues ancient Buddhist statues

Rock Carvings and Inscriptions along the Karakorum Highway (Pakistan)

Salt Range Temples, Pakistan

Archaeological Survey of India

India: Underwater City in Bay of Cambay

Prehistoric Rock Paintings of Bhimabetaka

Cave Paintings of India

Asoka statues unearthed in India

Buddhist Archaeological Sites

Peopling of India

Banawali Mound (previously called Vanawali)

History, Culture, Tourism, Geography, Industry of Haryana

Review: Archaeology in the Third World – A History of Indian Archaeology Since 1947

Punjab - Archeological Excavations

Artifacts or Geofacts? Alternative Interpretations of Items from the Gulf of Cambay

Excavations at Arikamedu, Southeast coast of India

Goa Research Net - India

Kaundinyapura Project, Central India

Sisupalgarh Project, Eastern India

Temple Pura at Vijayanagara: A Study of Specialized Urban Districts

Sri Lanka and Bay of Bengal

Archaeology of Southern Sri Lanka

Here They Lived and Died - Pallemalala, Sri Lanka

Antiquity of Murukan Cult in Ancient Sri Lanka

Pallemalala discovery throws new light on Lanka's pre-historic culture

Sri Lanka Archaeology

Early Man and the Rise of Civilisation in Sri Lanka: the Archaeological Evidence

Pre- and Protohistoric Settlement in Sri Lanka

The ports of ancient Sri Lanka: Jambukola and Mahatittha

Ports in Ancient Sri Lanka

The Arankale monastery

Guharamaya: a cave of stone age man

Pallemalala Discoveries and Excavations

Pallemalala discovery throws new light on Lanka's pre-historic culture

Archaeological eminence of the Ramba Vihara

The Buried Kingdom of Kotte

Ancient Sri-Lankan trade and cultural links with China

Godavaya: glorious harbour in the maritime Silk Route 2nd century AD

Godavaya - Digging up a maritime past

Prehistory of Sri Lanka

Maritime Lanka: maritime archaeology and history of Sri Lanka

Other Central Asian areas

Semthan - The Prehistoric Period of Kashmir


Nepal-German-Project on High Mountain Archaeology (in German)

Man Set Foot in Ice Age Tibet

What do 20,000-year-old footprints in Tibet mean?

Uzebekistan - Karakalpak-Australian Expedition

Gobustan: rock carvings - between the south-eastern slope -of the Greater Caucasian Range and the

Kazakstan Archaeological Research Project

Archaeology in the Kingdom of Bhutan (Himalayas)

Archaeological Investigations in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Neanderthals and Modern Humans in Western Asia

Palaeolithic Archaeology of Weasel Cave in the Caucasus Mountains of North Ossetia, Russia

Eurasian Nomadic and Scythian Links

Near East and Middle East Archaeology

General Resources and Programs

American School of Oriental Research Excavations

University of Chicago Digital Library: Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World

The Oriental Institute -- University of Chicago

Oriental Research Institute Archives

Oriental Institute Archaeology Projects

CNEA: Program in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Saskatchewan

Archaeology and the Near East

DigMaster - A database of artifacts from the Ancient Near East

Netherlands Institute for Near East -- University of Leiden

The History of the Ancient Near East Electronic Compendium

Photos of Archaeological Sites in the Middle East

Middle East Studies Association

Ancient Near Eastern Art


Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia - The Code of Hammurabi

Upper Mesopotamia in its Regional Context During the Early Neolithic

A Collection of Contracts from Mesopotamia, c. 2300 - 428 BCE

The Nippur Expedition

Lost Treasures of Iraq

Protecting Ancient History in Iraq

Iraq appeals to Berlin for return of Babylon gate

Iraq - The cradle of civilization at risk

Protecting Iraq's Ancient Heritage

Stolen Stones: the Modern Sack of Nineveh

Write Like a Babylonian

About Cuneiform Writing

Sumerian Text Archive - Collection of transliterated Sumerian texts

The Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi - Yale Law School

Sumerian Lexicon Project


Excavations at Khorsabad

Archaeological Expedition Mapping Ancient City Of

Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project

Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur

Tigris dam damns Assur

Modern warfare blights Iraq's ancient past

Moab Archaeological Research Survey


Hittite Dictionary

Hatti - Homeland of the Hittites

Hittites and the Riddle of the Scripts

Babylonian Mathematics


Persian & Iranian Kings

Archaeological Excavations at Tal-e Malyan, Iran

Tall-e Bakun Project, Iran

Archaeological Research on the Deh Luran Plain, Southwestern Iran

Izmir Region Excavations and Research Project

Persian Empire Trivia Quizzes

Photos of Archaeological Sites in Mesopotamia

Photos of Archaeological Sites in Persia

Iranian Prehistoric Project

Archaeological Teams in Iran

Choghazanbil, A Large Temple for God

The Persian Expedition

The treasures of Lake Hamun, Iran

Anatolia and Cyprus


Sadberk Hanım Museum - Turkey

Kurulustan Kurtulusa Bilecik Kazilan (in Turkish)

Ank-yra (in Turkish)

Suna & Inan KIRAÇ Research Institute on

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

Hattuscha - Hattusa - Hattusha

New Excavations at Troy

Turkey - Troy - Images

Mysteries of Çatalhöyük

Catal Huyuk

Focus on Catal Hoyuk

The Konya Plain Survey, Central Anatolia

Excavations at Pinarbasi, near Çatalhöyük in central Turkey

Nemrud Dagi, Turkey

Archaeological Settlements of Turkey

The Kerkenes Project

Amuq Valley Regional Projects

The Konya Plain Survey, Central Anatolia


Souskiou-Vathyrkakas, a prehistoric site in Cyprus

Lemba Archaeological Research Centre - Cyprus

Ancient Cyprus Web Project

Excavations at the Ancient Theatre of Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus in the Aceramic Period - the Khirokitia Culture

Castles and Fortifications in Northern Cyprus

The Levant

Photos of Bibilical Archaeological Sites & the Levant

Levantine Castles


Amphora in Lebanon

A Journalist investigates the Plundering of Lebanon's Heritage

Archaeology in the Reconstruction of Beirut

Urban Archeology in Beirut: a preliminary report

The Omayaad City of Anjaar, Lebanon

Anjaar, Lebanon

City of Tyre

A Tophet in Tyre?

Qadisha Valley

Lebanon's Archaeological Heritage

Archaeologyy in Lebanon Goes Begging

Virtual Baalbek



Tel Burak, Lebanon


BibArch:Biblical Archaeology

Biblical Archaeology at the Tel Megiddo Expedition

The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology

Saida - Etude Aerienne, au Sol et Sous-Marine

Bible Archaeology

Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute

Bible Archaeology

Israel and Palestine

Archaeologists excavate monastery to reveal Gaza

Excavation at Caesarea


Caesarea Harbor

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit -- UNC Expo

Archaeological sites in Israel

The Zeitah Excavations

The Tell en-Nasbeh Research Project

Yavneh-Yam Archaeological Project

Cave of the Warrior

Megiddo Summer Expedition

The Megiddo Expedition

The Templar Castle of Vadum Iacob ["Jacobs' ford"]

Bethaisda Excavations

Tel Rehov

Archaeological Excavations at Sha`ar Hagolan - A Neolithic Art Center in the Jordan Valley, Isr

Hazor Excavations Project

Palestine Exploration Fund

Ein Gedi Archaeological Expedition

Archaeological Excavations at Sha`ar Hagolan - A Neolithic Art Center in the Jordan Valley, Israel


Institute of Archaeology Projects, University of Jerusalem

Official Site of the Tell es-Safi Archaeological Project

Khirbet Cana Excavations

Ashkelon Excavations - The Leon Levy Expedition

Byzantine St. Stephen's - Jerusalem

Archaeology in Israel - Ashkelon

Virtual Israel Experience - Ashkelon

Ashkelon's Dead Babies

Israel's Archaeological Treasures

Archaeological Excavations Related to Jewish History


Preserving Ancient Status from Jordan

Wadi Ziqlab Project (Northern Jordan)

Field Projects in Jordan, Prof. Dr. Zeodpun Al-Muheisen

Archaeology in Jordan: The Jabal Hamrat Fidan Project

Abila Archaeological Project - Jordan

Ironsmelting, the Archaeology of Jordan, the West Bank, and Rowing

Tell Rukeis, Jordan

Madaba Plains Project - Jordan

Virtual Karak Resources Project - Jordan

Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey (TBAS), Jordan

Tell Nimrin - Jordan


Petra - Myth and Reality

Photos of Petra


Nabataean Empire, Builders of Petra

Petra - the Great Temple Excavation


Rouj Basin Project in Syria

Tell Qarqur, northwestern Syria

Abu Hureyra - Syria

Jerablus Tahtani Project - Syria

Tell Umm el-Marra, Syria

Tell Hamoukar - Syria

Tell Halula - Syria

Tell es-Sweyhat - Syria

Photos of Palmyra

The Rouj Basin Project

Arabian Peninsula and Gulf Islands

Zafar-Himyar, Yemen Expedition of the University of Heidelberg

The Durable Dhow

Italian Mission to Oman - Excavation and Restoration of Khor Rori in the Dhofar Governorate

Oman Archaeology Network Project

Lost City of Arabia

Ubar, Lost CIty Found -- JPL

Ubar Optical/Radar

The Search for Ubar - How Remote SensingHelped Find a Lost City

United Arab Emirates History Interactive

Old fortified farmstead, once the summer residence of the ruling Quwasim family, UAE

Digging the Land of Magan, Oman

Two historical sites unearthed

Southern Oman yields ruins of an ancient city on the fabled frankincense route

Roman Aqaba Project

Yemeni Megaliths

Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey

Ujairah Petroglyphs (United Arabe Emirates)

Archéologie du Fujairah (E.A.U.)

Excavations and research projects in Ras al-Khaimah

Wadi Hamam

UAE Interactive - A Walk Through Time

Digging in the Land of Magan

Written in Stone - Inscriptions from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia

Digging up Julfar UAE

Photos of Archaeology on the Arabian Peninsula



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